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A powerful Memory Leak Detection Component developed for Delphi which can be added to the Delphi Code for all the Delphi Version above Delphi 5. It can detect Leaks, report Bugs with Line number, generate Reports and Logs which can be mailed to the Software Company.

UmangMLD 1.0 is a software tool to help the development team to create a software application which does not leak precious memory thus preventing application crashes and slowing down of the computer system at the user end. UmangMLD also helps report bugs, error , exceptions from the deployed system via email as UmangMLD create a report of the system with the screen shot of the error and zips it to send to the pre-determined reciever. With the bg report in hand the development team can quickly know the details regarding the error with line numbers and also the system information to pinpoint the error , fix it and deploy. Thus making sure every error , exception is caught and beautifully presented.


Memory Leak Detector
Detect and log Leaks :If any leaks are detected in the application ,a detailed log file is created and Leaktracker is launched to pin-point the source of the memory with line numbers ,size ,unit name, address details of the object being leaked.
Feature List:

1. Detect memory leaks
2. Display detailed log file with line
      a. Line number
      b. Address
      c. Module name
      d. Unit name
      e. Procedure name
      f. Object class
      g. Leaked block size
3. Log view
4. Read any leak report files

Bug Reporter
The bug reporter helps the development team to find the exact source of problem in the deployed software application. The component even allows the developer to choose to send the error report via mail at the same time keeping a local time stamped copy of the error screen shot and the error report.
Feature List:

1. Create a bug /error report file
2. Take screen shot of the error messages.
3. Save stack trace to error file
4. Gather system details
5. Email the zipped bug report
6. keep a copy of the zipped report in the application directory.

UMLD 1.0Read UMLD 1.0 Brochure
UMLD 1.0View DEMO Video for Instructions
UMLD 1.0Read UMLD 1.0 FAQ

UMLD 1.0 UMLD 1.0 UMLD 1.0
UMLD 1.0 UMLD 1.0 UMLD 1.0
UMLD 1.0 UMLD 1.0 UMLD 1.0

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